network securityAn ounce of prevention is always better than cure. That old truism remains true until now and is applicable when it comes to network security. Because of the internet, computer systems, businesses, and individuals can now share confidential data with each other easily and quickly. However, there’s a disadvantage to this almost universal connectivity and that is the prevalence of network attacks. With so many things at stake and many threats available, even the best network security methods need to evolve in order to keep up.

Tips To Improve Your Network Security

Maintain your software

Network attacks are changing and the solutions yesterday may no longer be enough to fight the cybersecurity threats of tomorrow. This is why among the most crucial yet basic network security tip is to keep your antivirus updated. Up to date and effective antivirus software will add in tested solutions to a few of the latest identified exploits.

Prioritize Visibility

Sometimes business owners view their networks as walled fortresses that try to thwart data breach and incoming attacks. However, you tend to forget that sometimes the threats are within the walls. Did you know that almost 75% of data breaches were directly caused by insider threats? And of all those threats, about 68% were attributed to contractor or employee negligence. That’s why you need to constantly monitor the users within the network all the time. Remember that when you can’t see it, you will not be able to secure it. You must boost the situational awareness in your workplace.

Monitor User Permissions

This is one of the most often overlooked best practices for improved computer security. Although accidental insider threats might be the more widespread issue, intentional threats involve authorized users trying to steal confidential information. Many businesses have various levels of privileged users however, providing anyone with access to anything will be a huge risk. That’s why you should never let any of your users access security logs and make sure to set in place network use guidelines for all those with permission to provide the network data. You should also be cautious of IoT devices and BYOD connecting to your network.

Remain Compliant

Your company is not the only one that would like to keep your network safe from cybersecurity threats. Users have an interest in making sure that their confidential data is kept away from malicious hands and that is that the government is also interested. Federal as well as other government regulations are in place to make sure that data security as well as business and other firms are expected to follow.

Create a Security Policy

When it comes to policy and regulation, there are cases when making clear expectations as well as guidelines for your staff could mean the difference between unsecure and secure networks. This can help users of the network to recognize what is and what’s not acceptable when accessing and using your network.

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