Co-Managed IT ServicesMost of the time, companies that would like to improve their IT services would pick one of two options – inhouse IT services or managed IT services.  As the names suggests, one of these models, while the other strategy will outsource those tasks to a managed IT service providers. But there’s another alternative that you need to know and that’s co-managed IT services.

Many firms will allow you to go with a co-managed strategy, wherein your in-house team keeps some of the responsibilities while outsourcing the others to the MSP. This lets the best members of your IT staff to keep their jobs, however, there are other advantages, too. Given that, here are few signs that your company may benefit from a co-managed IT approach.



When Do You Need a Co-Managed IT Services?

You have an experienced or small IT team.

If your firm has small tech requirements, it will not tend to concentrate on recruiting the best IT staff. This is natural because it just reflects the priorities of various companies. But, firms with small and inexperienced IT workers could benefit more than other if they go for co-managed IT services.

Your current IT team, probably, can’t take care of the issues that arise on a regular basis. Otherwise, they won’t last that long in your company. By going for a co-managed IT plan, you will provide them access to people with more experience and knowledge than themselves. When they come across an unfamiliar situation, and have no idea what to do, they could go directly to the cloud team instead of performing hours needless research.

You experience network problems frequently.

On most instances, your company network must run efficiently. Of course, there would be times when it won’t. If your IT network experiences a huge number of small problems, and if they become so frequent that you’re already expecting them to happen, then it might be the best time to go with a co-managed approach. These frequent IT issues indicate that your current IT team is unable to efficiently manage things and they will benefit from some IT assistance.

Your IT team can’t meet the demands.

In today’s modern companies, most of its daily operations will reply on the internet. If you’ve got cash on the line, any issue with the internet could lead to major losses. So, what will happen if you are encountering frequent IT issues? Your IT team will become overburdened with lots of IT requests.

Naturally, this type of situation is not good for any business environment. So, you must consider going with a co-managed method. The cloud team would take some of the pressure from your existing IT team, and they must focus on more productive things. You wouldn’t want them to waste their time talking to people and handling complaints, even if that’s part of their job. Prevention is better than cure and that applies to your IT needs, too. Having co-managed IT services will help make sure that your network is running fine and all your IT needs are met.


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