cybersecurityCybersecurity is made of a range of security measures that are geared towards protecting yourself from hackers who are trying to access your personal and confidential information. Cybersecurity for firms has become more popular these days because of the increased utilization of computerized technology. If a system has been breached, the unauthorized access can potentially cause damage, in some cases compromise the information of countless users of the network that has been affected.

Prominent hacking stories have made the headlines and eight major data breaches have been reported during the first half of 2019. These data breaches compromised about 3.2 billion records. Out these 8 data breaches, three have been considered as the largest breaches ever.

Cybersecurity Breach Can Cause Loss of Customers

Data breaches do not only threaten the personal information and privacy, but also threaten home addresses, social security numbers, and financial accounts.

For a firm that utilizes an information system for using and storing records, this becomes a major concern. Nobody, including your clients, want to find out that a security breach happened and private records may have been stolen. Businesses may end up losing clients or worse, the business itself may end up shutting down.



Unfortunately, security breaches make up the largest portion of business hacks. Risk Based Security reported that the business sector makes up for about 67% of breaches that have been reported. The same sector was also considered to be responsible for the exposure of 84.6% of the total records. With this huge number of data breaches, companies have to take a proactive approach when it comes to their cybersecurity protocols. You can lower your chances of having to deal with a security breach by following effective security protocols.

Reduce Risks Of Cyberattacks

Although it’s not possible to prevent all types of cyberattacks, it is the responsibility of the company to take responsible and measured precautions. You should take time to train all your employees on what a cyberattack may look like because this can greatly help reduce the possibility of hacks. Detecting possible threats in advance can help cut down the amount of damage that could happen. Prevention is important in decreasing the possibility of attacks, too. Be sure to update your operating systems, protect your information by using encryption software, and use strong passwords.

In case you suffer a cyberattack, make sure that you disconnect the network connection right away. Check your system and clean your system after a reboot. Your IT support expert must also be informed about the situation. Check your emails and find out if you’ve received anything suspicious.

Report The Incident Right Away

After a cyberattack, you need to report the incident right away. Get in touch with the federal and local agencies, especially if you have federal information like social security numbers stored.

In case your business has been hacked, you need to inform your clients as well whether or not their personal details were stolen. Even if you’re not certain, it’s important to inform your clients. Some firms do this via email.

You need to be proactive in securing your network with the help of IT support Florence experts especially since technology will continue to advance and the methods used by cybercriminals will continue to evolve.


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