cybersecurityWhen it comes to cybersecurity, managing the rising tech demands of remote workers is not as simple as many people might think. It’s difficult for companies and organizations especially for small businesses.

But, it doesn’t need to be that hard even during the coronavirus outbreak. They key to managing remote workers effectively is to provide them with technology to boost their productivity while making sure that your staff have nice desktops or laptops.

Desktop computers and personal laptops might already be filled with viruses or compromised. Another explanation is that personal computers are unlikely to come with sufficient resources and can’t be managed by the IT experts of the company.

It will be more secure and efficient to give your staff the equipment that can control like providing their desktop computers or laptop with a broadband connection to your office as well as other similar services for file sharing, web access, video conferencing, voice over IP, text messaging, and email.



Based on their role, some employees who work from home may have other needs like a computer telephony integration for call center employees, and with the appropriate software so they could use their computers to link to the customer relationship management applications in the office, as well as manage and take in calls.

Cybersecurity Tips

For telecommuters whose work depends heavily on meetings must also be equipped for video and audio collaboration. This include ensuring that their laptops and desktops have a digital camera or web cam, video conferencing client software, video card, speakers, and a functional microphone. Firms that permit telecommuting must also give resources that to ensure that their devices and data are protected.

The primary cybersecurity Florence SC challenge faced by small and medium size businesses is having a mobile and telecommunications workforce. Remote workers like to work in public areas like hotels, airports, libraries, and coffee shops where Wi-Fi networks are unsecured and open to anyone who’s within range.

To address the security problems presented by telecommuters who work in public places, laptops should be equipped with a Wi-Fi security systems that need a different password for all those who are on a shared Wi-Fi signal who attempts to access the device of your telecommuter. For those who have access to an Ethernet connection, one good solution is to use a travel router that can be plug into an Ethernet jack to offer a hardware firewall against users who are on the network.

VPN or virtual private network is another option when it comes to addressing the network security problem of those who are telecommuting. It is a security measure that will encrypt the files on your computer as well as any data from being exchanged over the internet. This encryption will render the encoded data useless to anybody with unauthorized access.

Generally, the users will launch the VP that’s installed on their devices then key in the credentials for authorization. By using a public network, they will then be able to access a remote data center that will give then a private connection as if they were directly connected to the local secure network of the company.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about all these anymore. There are IT support that online security to remote workers. SpartanTec, Inc. in Florence offers work from home security solutions including help desk support.


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