Why Small Businesses Should Not Ignore Cybersecurity?

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Based on what’s on the news these days, hackers only go after big and important targets like credit card companies, banks, security agencies, governments, and other huge corporations. That’s not true. Cybercriminals now focus on smaller targets.

Nearly half of all American adults have fallen prey to ransomware, malware, phishing scams, and even social media hijackings. These hacks are embarrassing for individuals and in many cases, costly. For small businesses, being a victim of hacking could be devastating.

They are also becoming more common. The surge in hack attempts on small businesses was noted back in 2015. Cybersecurity experts and law enforcement sources noted that small businesses are now one of the primary targets of hackers.

However, only 53% of businesses with less than 50 employees pay attention on cybersecurity, compared to the two thirds of large companies. About 30% of smaller firms have set in place an employee training program that would teach them about cybersecurity and what to do if there is a breach.

Many small businesses don’t know that they have been compromised since the stolen data is used for a bigger scheme that involves several targets or in some cases just because it’s being stored for another attack. But almost all businesses form dentist offices to food trucks to retail startups, rely on various internet services to get things done and as those services continue to grow, so do the risks of not doing anything.

Companies with less than 10 employees have a tendency to use cheap online tools for everything like information storage, organization, data, and dealing with clients.

Proprietors and staff are also using their mobile devices to access their company’s data.

While cyberattacks on large firms have led to major investments in IT services, small businesses, even a few that had faced security breaches have done only a little to avoid it from happening again. Most of them preferred to fund sales, marketing, product development, and other business priorities. But a time when hackers have targeted small businesses, like those that rely on office networks to remote access, the failure to invest in cybersecurity does not make any business sense.

Technology includes apps, services, software from different vendors and this is one reason why getting ahead of cybercriminals can be quite daunting for small businesses because they have to do everything all by themselves. However, the average cost of recovering after a breach continues to increase. Plus, there’s the additional cost of compliance after the cyberattack, regulations and laws that require firms to get in touch with affected clients and in some instances to offer identity theft protection.

Fortunately, help exists for the most common cyberattacks. Firms like SpartanTec, Inc. can help you set up the most effective and affordable online security measures to protect your business from cybercriminals.

Taking responsibility is the first step when it comes to defending your businesses from cyberattacks. Create protocols, update securitypatches, inspect for system weaknesses, and refresh staff on security rules and standards.

Call SpartanTec, Inc. if you need managed IT services so you can make sure that your business is safe from the most common online threats.

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