zero dayIt’s difficult to find protect your company from zero day attacks because they take advantage of unknown vulnerabilities. These types of attacks are common and is considered to be one of the most popular kinds of network attacks. According to WatchGuard’s report, zero day exploits account for 50% of all malware detections. A similar study conducted by Ponemon Institute noted that eighty percent of all data breaches were direct results of zero day attacks. These statistics are no longer suprising if you look at the dangers that zero day exploits pose and their efficiency at aiding cybercriminals in achieving their objectives.

Many people think that zero day exploits are tools that are made and utilized by black hat cybercriminals. But, why are they dangerous to your company?

Zero day vulnerabilities, zero day exploits, and zero-day attacks are three terms with different meanings.

Zero day vulnerabilities are the security weaknesses that are found hardware, firmware, and software, which are unknown to the vendors. There are no patches for these vulnerability when they were released to the public. They become known to the public once the attack has happened and studied by researchers and IT support Florence SC.

Zero day exploits benefit from zero day vulnerabilities. Hackers use the exploit itself to do the attack against what possesses the vulnerability. But they don’t have to use the exploit right away. They could make it and wait strategically for the perfect place or time to deploy it. It remains a zero-day exploit during that point because it hasn’t been made public yet.

Zero day attacks are the last step, and they take place when the attackers have finally decided to deploy the exploit. This is commonly done through zero day malware that has the exploit. It won’t be long before the zero day vulnerability is detected because the hacker’s tools are now exposed and can be studied and used against them by IT support professionals.



Why are Zero Day Attacks/Exploits Dangerous?

Zero day exploits increase the daily cybersecurity risk dramatically for the average user. Software vendors are not prepared to deal with zero day exports as well as the software security developers. Your anti-malware and anti-virus are designed to catch malicious malware that were detected during regular internet activities. When it comes to zero day exploits, your computers have higher chances of becoming infected when you download 3rd party programs, deal with suspicious messages, and even while viewing websites. Before, one zero day exploit could be disastrous for any application.  But because of the improvement in IT security and the improvements in modern security, it’s now better to bring together different zero day exploits if hackers want their attack to be successful

What Are The Common Targets of Zero Day Exploits

Hackers that use zero day exploits don’t mess around. They go after high value and bigger targets such as software that has many users such as browsers and operating system, people that has access to confidential information, large organizations and businesses, and even government agencies.

So, while the cybersecurity Florence SC criminals are not going after certain individual users, that does not mean that an average person will not be face zero day attacks. They wind up becoming used as tools or a collateral damage. Non-targeted attacks that aim to affect as many users as possible and in that case your personal data will be as valuable as the following person, which means the dangers remain significant.


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