Cybersecurity Florence SCYou’re under attack right now. Cybercrime rings from Ukraine, Russia, and China are hacking into various businesses to swindle money, steal client information, or credit card details. Some of these cybercriminals are funded by their own government to attack businesses here in America, and 50% of all the threats to cybersecurity are targeting small businesses.

The National Cyber Security Alliance reports that one out of five American small businesses have fallen victim to cybercrime in the past year. It’s important to protect yourself from the most common ways that cybercriminals try to hack your network.


Cybersecurity Tips: Common Ways Hackers Get Into Your Business


Poorly trained staff – An employee may infect the whole network by opening a phishing email that’s made to look like a legitimate one from a reliable source. This could be a problem for your company if your staff don’t know how to spot online scams or infected emails.

No restrictions on website access – Your company’s IT security may be at risk if your employees can access any website using work devices and work with the material they just accessed using their personal device. You must set up permissions that will control and regulate the websites that your staff can access and what they can do using their own personal devices.



Weak passwords – This is one of the most common ways a hacker can get into your network. Your passwords must have at least 8 characters and should be a combination of uppercase, lower case letters, symbols, and numbers.

Unpatched networks – If your network is not patched, hackers can easily exploit your network’s vulnerability. It is important to patch and then update your devices and systems regularly.

No backups – If hackers get a hold of your data and keep it hostage until you pay a ransom, your company will be at risk. Some hackers won’t release your system even if you already paid the ransom. It’s better to store your data in the cloud or have a backup plan.


Firewall and Phishing Emails


Firewall incorrectly or not set up at all – firewalls are different. Its primary job is to block traffic that you don’t want to enter your network and allow the ones that you want to get in. However, firewalls require regular maintenance and monitoring. If your firewall is weak then your network will still be at risk. It’s better to hire an IT support expert to help you with it.

Connecting to public Wi-Fi – connecting to public Wi-Fi could give hackers access to your device. Always remind your employees to never enter any confidential information when surfing while connected to the internet through a public Wi-Fi.

Phishing emails – It’s one of the oldest and most common trick in the book. Its main goal is to lure you to download an infected file by clicking a link or by tricking you to key in your log in information in an infected site that looks like a real one.


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