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Reports about computer security breaches have become quite common these days and the costs of these breaches have skyrocketed. Scams are always evolving and hackers are becoming increasingly savvy in utilizing strategies to extract information and cash from their unsuspecting victims.

A single data breach could cause a lot of damage for SMBs and may force them to stop operations entirely. Reports revealed that about 60% of SMBs that faced cyberattacks were unable to recover and had to shut down within just 6 months after the breach.

It can be a challenge to protect your business from cyberattacks. However, adopting a layered security approach can help you alleviate a lot of risks. Perhaps you have heard IT experts talk about layered security or what they call as multi-layered network security approach. But do you have any idea what they mean? By using a layered security strategy can provide a better protection to your IT resources and boost your security.

Understanding Layered Security

Techopedia defined layered security as a security system that utilizes different components to protect operations on various layers or levels. This term could also related to the phrase defense in depth, where in multiple methods and resources are used to blog, slow, delay, or prevent a threat until it can be neutralized completely.

The primary goal of a layered security is to ensure that each separate defense component has a backup to prevent any gaps or flaws in the different defenses of the security.

In a multi-layered security approach, each layer concentrates on a certain area where malware may attack. These layers will work together to improve the security and have a better chance of preventing intruders from breaching your networks compared to using only one security solution.


Types of Layered Computer Security For Your Network Defense

  1. Firewall or Unified Threat Management – it is a crucial aspect of any network security. The UTM or firewall stands as the primary barrier between your cyberspace and network. There are basic firewalls and there are others that are multifunctional, sophisticated, and highly complicated.
  1. End User Protection/End Point – Whether your staff uses tablets, iPads, laptops, or desktops, it is important to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks which could enter into your network through the end user vector/end point.
  1. Email Filtering – businesses always use emails as a method of communication and cybercriminals know this, too. In most cases, end user protection or end point is not sufficient in preventing someone from opening attachments or emails that are infected. Filtering your emails at the gateway could lower the risk of data breaches and infections.
  1. Email Archiving – duplicate emails or attachments and people saving all the emails they get makes it easier for emails to pile up. This problem can be solved through email archiving.
  1. Email Encryption – anyone can intercept an email once it leaves the server. If it contains sensitive information, a breach of data is possible. Fortunately, you can alter this data into a non-readable format through email encryption.
  1. Web Filtering – the internet is useful but it is also filled with cybercriminals who are waiting to prey on unprotected users. Make sure that your staff uses their time efficiently and are not visiting sites that may pose security threats.
  1. Data Encryption – it is similar to email encryption wherein data is protect from potential breaches and cyberattack. It renders data unreadable to unauthorized persons who tries to access it.
  1. Mobile device management – virtual offices or mobile workplaces have started to become the norm especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. Taking care of the IT needs of your remote workers and managing off-site equipment and devices do not have to be complicated. It can be done through mobile device management. IT support Florence SC can help you with this.
  1. Mobile security – mobile gadgets will leave you and your employees at an increased risk for cyberattacks and data breaches. Be sure that your business can secure, encrypt, and remotely erase sensitive information that may fall into the hands of hackers.


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