firewallThe installation and setup of firewalls is one of the many different task of a system administrator. A firewall is an important component of the network of a company and takes on a very crucial part in protecting and securing it.

Network security refers to the way of addressing internal and external threats to the network system of a company. Firewalls could help secure a network from both external and internal threats.

You’ve probably heard the term router. It is a device that acts like a bridge or connects at least two networks. If the internal network of an organization is linked to the internet, it is generally assumed that the network is susceptible to threats from the external network, which is the internet.

firewall Florence SC is installed between the external network and the internal network. The device’s function is to filter all outgoing and incoming data or traffic. This is also referred to as packet filtering, The rules in the firewall will be programmed by the system administrator and they will be used to evaluate outgoing and incoming data.



Two Major Roles Of A Firewall:

  1. The firewall acts as a police or security guard that polices or monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic to and from your network. It will analyse the data being received or sent and either blocks or allows it, based on the rules created with the firewall.
  2. Firewalls also block malicious programs. Firewalls can block potential viruses, malwaretrojan horses from infecting the network system. Trojan horses are considered to be the most dangerous since they link themselves to files and if you transmit these files, they will cause further damage to other computer systems. Additionally, they will reveal your personal information to web servers that could possibly be hosted by hackers.

Goodbye to Keyloggers

A keylogger is one of the most dangerous programs that were created. It tracks your key strokes and send the information back to the hackers or cybercriminals. By doing so, they may get access to your private accounts like your bank account. But if you have a firewall installed and properly configured, keyloggers can’t get into your computer systems because they will be blocked right away.


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